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sprez· za· tu· ra | \ sprāt-tsä-ˈtü-rä  \

Definition: studied nonchalance : graceful conduct or performance without apparent effort


The Globe and Mail - October 2019

"It’s a big, beautifully designed space with soaring ceilings, weathered checker floors and industrial metal accents. And the concept is cool – London gastropub meets outdoor Italian kitchen.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza with soft, soupy centres are tossed in an open kitchen. Cold starters and antipasti are prepared at another open counter in the café side. Rather than offering pasta, a large portion of the menu is devoted to affordably priced roasts, including a succulently tender, stout-braised wagyu." ~  Alexandra Gill

Georgia Straight - July 2019

"Beautifully designed restaurants are harder to find in Vancouver, and when you do stumble into one, its menu items usually come with a steep price tag.

Cue Sprezzatura, a new casual Italian dining establishment in the heart of Mount Pleasant (265 Kingsway) that doesn’t fit the mould of high-end eateries.

For starters, the spacious restaurant was designed by Sophie Burke, an award-winning Vancouver-based designer (TurF and Our Town Café). She’s turned the space into a laid-back joint with London gastropub vibes, complete with faded checkered flooring, mixed lighting fixtures, white-tile backsplash, and industrial elements like wood and metal." ~ Tammy Kwan

Vancouversacape - August 2019

"Sprezzatura is a welcome addition to the Mount Pleasant dining scene." ~ Ariane Colenbrander

Curiocity - July 2019

"Translating to ‘studied carelessness’, Sprezzatura is all about casual and delicious Italian fare. Obviously try out their pizza, but we also recommend checking out some antipasti and their dessert menu, too." ~ Curiocity Vancouver

604 Now - July 2019

"They’re not just a pizza shop—they have lots of delicious Italian cuisine." ~ Meagan Gill


We are located in the heart of Mount Pleasant on the North East corner of 11th & Kingsway.  

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For reservations please call us on (604)876-6333 or email us at


265 Kingsway, Vancouver, V5T 3J5

(604) 876-6333


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10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

**our CAFÉ  is open daily from 11.30am. We offer a selection of delicious coffees & have lots of outlets, USB ports and FREE WiFi so bring your laptops and tablets**